Honest Space Psychotherapy serves the adult community in San Francisco and across the Bay Area.


People are interested in therapy for a variety of reasons and I would be honored to help you achieve your goals.

My areas of specialty include: anxiety, self-esteem and relationships. (Scroll down for more info on each.)

If you are looking for help with another issue, let's chat and see how I can help. If I cannot be of service, I will try my best to provide resources to get you on your way.



Constant worry. A feeling different from stress. A nagging uneasiness. Butterflies. Sleepless nights. Nightmares. Shortness of breath. Panic. Avoidance. Excuses. Guilt. Sadness. Procrastination. Loneliness. Fear. More worry.

If any of this sounds familiar, let me help. I want to teach you how to better manage your anxiety so you can use it as a strength rather than continue to struggle with it, feel crippled by it or see it as a weakness.

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Am I smart/strong/thin/good-looking/funny/cool enough? Did my post get enough likes? Do I have enough followers? FB friends? Retweets? Why is nobody responding to my post? 

Pause. Breathe. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

In this day and age of unending social media, it's so easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt, which unchecked leads to unforgiving self-talk and cruel thoughts and feelings about ourselves.

Let’s work on building your self-worth so that you feel confident enough to attain whatever goals you set for yourself - while smiling because you know you're worth it.

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Whether it’s a relationship with a friend, a family member, a partner or a co-worker, relationships are hard. Most of us enter into them without knowing what we might get out of them. We hope to experience respect, love, encouragement, happiness, connection and fun but sometimes, that’s not the case.

How would you feel if you could choose the relationships you enter into knowing beforehand what you can expect to get out? Sounds amazing right?

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