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Are you a young professional in your 20's or 30’s living in the San Francisco Bay Area and tired of constantly worrying, doubting yourself and/or cycling through relationships? I specialize in anxiety, self-worth and relationships and I can help.* 

Imagine how awesome your life would be if you could:

  • wake up without that tightness in your chest and instead be filled with breath and an ability to conquer your goals;

  • stop the "fake it 'til you make it" act and instead feel confident and proud of who you and where you are going;

  • put an end to awkwardness, embarrassment, and constant arguing and instead strengthen your current bonds and create healthy new relationships because you have learned how to communicate much more clearly and effectively.

Click here to schedule your commitment free intro session to see how I can help you take control of your life. (There are limited sessions available for online booking so if you don't see a slot that works for you call, text, or email me and we will work together to figure something out.)

*I offer face-to face and online therapy to all CA based clients.


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I’ve experienced the desire for work-life balance and the not knowing how to get there; the want for peace and quiet and the need to constantly be busy; and the necessity of appearing like I have it all together meanwhile feeling like I was just hanging on by a thread. I get it. I’ve been there. Now I want to help.


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I believe that we are a team working together with a common objective – helping you feel better.


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I offer a commitment free introductory session.

The goals are to help breakdown the barriers to therapy, for you to better understand my approach, and to see if there is a mutual fit -- a key element for successful therapy.